Parents Night Out - Parental Burnout is real!

PNO is a no brainer. Drop the kids off at karate for a ton of martial arts fun while you get a night out. On top of that, it’s even free if they bring a friend that’s not a member of the dojo!

Our PNO Program provides you the opportunity to take a night off from the kids while the have fun with other kids in a safe environment. PNO is held on Friday Nights 1 X each month from 6:00PM- 9:00PM - while your kids enjoy Martial art, dinner, a movie, friends and fun play! This program is reservation only.

Most Parents Night Out are scheduled on Friday Nights and last 3 hours. The cost is $35 per child but if you Bring a Non Karate Friend, its free for all.


Parents Night Out are offered on 1 x a Month on Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Spaces are limited. As we do not do more than 1 Parents Night Out per month the Calendar books up fast. To reserve your spot today click this link below to register and an Old School Karate Academy & Brazilian Martial Arts Center team member will get back to you shortly.

Our Goal For Each Parents Night Out

Make sure every child Learns some martial arts, has a nice dinner with friends new and old and most of all, has a lot of fun! Each Non Member child attending gets a 7 day free pass to the Old School Karate Academy & Brazilian Martial Arts Center 


$35 PER CHILD or Bring a friend that is not a member of the Dojo and its free! Use promo code Friend when you register and remember to have your friend register as well. 

How It Works

Drop off & Pick Up - Parents can drop off their child at 6pm and pick them up at 9pm - its that easy!

The Parents Night Out - The children start with some free play in the dojo until the Martial arts class begins. We will then run a class with a quick warm up, stretches, a few basic punches, kicks & blocks, then work on some cool techniques. After that we will play a bunch of Marital Arts based games. Then we will have pizza & drinks followed by Settle Down Time with an age appropriate kids movie.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many children do you have attend?
What should they wear?
I don't want my child to learn that violence is acceptable. Won't enrolling them in a martial arts class make them think it's okay to be aggressive?
What age children can attend the Parents night out at Old School Karate Academy?
Who will be supervising the Parents Night Out? I don!t want my child!s friends! parents to be worried.
What if my child decides they want to take martial arts classes after the Parents Night Out?
I'm worried that my child will be bored. Is the whole Parents Night Out like a martial arts class?
My child loves martial arts but I!m not sure about their friends. Will they have fun, too?
Does my child have to be a student at the school to attend a Parents Night Out?
Will there be a regular class on the Parents night out ?

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