We offer a combination of Karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu all for one price.

Monthly Individual Membership Plans

Kids Martial Arts

Martial Arts is often recommended as a way to help children and teens achieve greater social, physical, mental and emotional growth. As Martial skills develop, a Child's self-confidence, agility, grace and attention span will be greatly increased. A positive self image will develop through karate's physical and mental training. The achievement of a belt rank color provides a short-term goal structure that teaches children to be success oriented, some may advance quickly but at our school all children are successful. As children become teens the school provides a positive alternative to the sometimes undesirable peer pressures place on our youth. All students are taught strict code of Bushido Students can attend class any day of their choice the school (Dojo) is open 6 days a week.

Age: 5 to 12

Starting at $44.50 with new student discount

Martial Arts for Adults & Teens

Both men and women are finding the Martial Arts to be the key to personal security. Skills and knowledge developed at our school will give people the capability to stand up to any situation. The flexibility and exercise provide a total body tone-up and weight control program that is far more interesting than most exercise programs that bore... and fail. These workouts also provide an excellent release from stress and frustrations that build up in all of us. The ability to defend oneself and one’s family, knowing that you are not vulnerable, is a tremendous feeling and an asset to any person. Students can attend class any day of their choice the school (Dojo) is open 6 days a week.

Age: Adults & Teens & age 13+

Starting at $44.50 with new student discount

Family Plan

Family Plan includes Martial Arts Classes for the whole family, Mom Dad & Kids 50% off each addition family members. Students can attend class any day of their choice the school ( Dojo) is open 6 days a week. Additional Family Members can be added at an additional cost 50% off additional Family Member .* Family Members must live in same household.

Starting at $81.68 with new student discount

Private Lesson

A private lessons is like having a martial arts personal trainer or a martial arts private tutor - in a group class you have to work on what the group is working on in a private lesson you get to work on what you want to work on & are most excited about learning. Everyone knows it's it easier to learn what your mind is excited about at that time, Private lesson time is yours to help you progress in the way you want on your martial arts Journey ,that combined with the one on one attention allows students to progress 2x faster than in a traditional group class environment.

Private lessons with a high level Sensei are a great way to advance your techniques in a one on one environment. They are also a great was to integrate in to martial arts as a beginner if you feel uncomfortable it a group setting. Or for intermediate and advanced students to level up to the next level

Private lessons available in

  • Karate
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu
  • Retention and control for law enforcement
  • Personal Self Defense
  • Combat conditioning
  • MMA

Space is limited so confirm availability with Sensei Bill.

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Old School Karate Academy & Brazilian Martial Arts Center hold quarterly Brazilian jiu jitsu seminars as well as semi annual Kosho Ryu seminars with internationally renowned teachers like Master Marcelo Sigurea , Renshi Jeff Driscoll , Renshi Tony Dissaro & Hanshi Bruce Junick

Martial arts Semiars happen at the dojo on Saturday's & Sunday's Students from other dojos are always welcome. A seminar is a great way to get a lot of information and knowledge in a relatively short time frame as well as train with different people. These seminars are small exclusive groups Attendance is general limit to 20 to 30 stundents as space is limited we recommend you reserve your spot early.

Classes: Saturdays & Sundays

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