Why do so many black belts from different styles seek out Kosho RYU Kempo Karate Jiu jitsu.


Headmaster Hanshi Bruce Junick puts it this way “ Kosho is not a style or a system is a philosophy of concepts and principles that can be applied to any martial art to improve your understanding of the arts”.  Kosho RYU  practitioners study movement and motion. The study is done though concepts & principles. While Kosho has traditional Japanese / Okinawan katas there are no pre arranged techniques. Students are encouraged to learn Waza – tricks & Bunki  – discussion of movement but not to cling to the absolute of named or number techniques as a real fight is chaos and things never happen as planned it is better if the practitioner can move on time and to an angle that is more advantageous then the opponent. Many practitioners of marital arts are attracted to Kosho Ryu afters studying other arts for year’s or decades as they feel it gives the the missing keys to make there martial art function at a higher level and a very high % of Kosho Ryu black belts hold multiple black belts. 

Kosho RYU is a philosophy and a art that has existed for over 760 years🥋

 For more info on Kosho Ryu Kempo Karate Jiu jitsu visit https://www.skski.net or https://www.oldschoolkarateacademy.com