About Old School Karate Academy

Old school Karate academy & Brazilian Martial arts center is devoted to creating a safe, fun, and positive learning environment for all current and future students.

Our comprehensive training curriculum includes modern martial arts and self-defense with a strong focus on personal fitness, physical empowerment and positive character development for all ages and abilities. Our - clean well lit Okinawan style Dojo Conveniently Locate on Route 1 South Bound,is home to an exclusive group of students who enjoy our highly professional, welcoming and family friendly atmosphere. Our exceptional instructors, Sensei Bill & Sensei Dave, create a positive environment to help all students succeed in all aspects of their training.

Our students have seen great results as they train in the martial arts. The principles we teach here help them build confidence and discipline in all aspects of their lives.

OSKA Martial training that develops inner and outer strength.