Which Martial Arts does CIA use ?

The CIA has a big government budget for training agents and after a 27 Year Study conducted by CIA research and development program they found the Kenpo Karate was the best answer for the all the dangers an agent will face. Agents trained in Kempo Karate are able to improvise and adapt principles and concepts of Kempo to a larger variety of dangerous and treating environments. The techniques work in close combat settings and the CIA determined that no other Martial Art had the lethality of Kempo Karate. Kosho RYU Kempo was 1st brought to Hawaii in the 1930’s by Grandmaster James Mitose the art was spread by his Black belt to William Chow who then taught Ed Parker – Many notable martial artists such a Bruce Lee were discovered as a result of their association with Grand Master Parker. As early as WWII many military personnel & OSS agents (OSS is pre cursor to CIA) studied Kenpo in Hawaii under James Mitose and Thomas H Young. Kosho RYU Kempo Karate combines circular and linear movements into an ultra efficient for of self defense. While most martial arts focus on a list of techniques that must be learned Kosho RYU Kenpo in its purest form teaches the student the philosophy of fighting in the form of concept & Principles that can be applied to a much wider variety of situations then a stagnant technique.

So if you want to learn to fight like a CIA Agent you need to learn original and most effective from of Kenpo – Kosho RYU Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Karate