Train through The Pain

For my friends in there Mid 30’s and beyond who are starting to have little aches and pains, who say when my back gets better I’ll go back to working out. I am sorry to tell you it doesn’t work that way once you hit your mid 30’s the body starts breaking down lack of exercise and carrying around too much weight accelerate this so thinking you get rid of your aches then start training is NIAVE 

Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest while they gather all their aches and pains to complain to all the other couch potatoes about.  If you’re going to have a few little aches and pains anyways train through them. 

Karate increases over all blood flow to the body significantly. it is a know fact that Increased blood flow increases recovery so resting too much can actually be slowing your recovery and being overweight and sedentary can simple cause more little aches and pains

Sharks don’t have arthritis cause they never stop swimming. Training is a life long endeavor not something we do to get ready for a vacation or a reunion.

Train karate not to beat people up or to be like Bruce Lee. 

 Train karate to look and feel your best 

# karatetrainingforlife