Should martial artist that study karate also study ground fighting arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu ?

I hear all kinds of opinions like I will just poke them in the , bite them, I don’t want to wrestle sweaty men 

Of course then there is the bad back bad hip bad knee bad joints I’m too old I can man argument when in fact jujitsu is considered the gentler and having somebody Arm-bar you and tapping is much less destructive to your body then having someone punch you in the face so just like you found away around and rounds round and rounds of  sparring on your stand up karate fighting and I still able to train you could ease yourself in to Brazilian jujitsu training / ground defense  and add a new and valuable skill all your  knowledge

All kinds of cop out defenses for not learning a new and valuable skill. 

Well any of you that has studied Kempo/ Kenpo your linage most likely trace back to chow and James Mitose. In 1940’s James Mitose knew Jiu jitsu ( grappling / ground fighting was an important skill ) so important that when he wrote his book he didn’t call it what is self defense Kenpo 

He called it what is self defense Kempo Jiu jitsu 

Jiu-jitsu was so important to the 21st grandmaster of Kosho Ryu he put it on the cover of his 1st book 

Mitose was also very active in the international Kempo Jiu jitsu organization.

The modern world already knows that a true fighter has to be able to fight at all levels as in 2022 no one can fight MMA mixed martial arts without being able to strike take their opponent down and submit them on the ground or control them to the extent that they’re able to get back to their feet

If you do stand up sparing at your dojo every time the students go to the ground and get stood back up and start the fight again remember in a real fight there would be no one there to stand them up and those students need to know how to defend them self when that happens

List of karate black belts that found a value in Brazilian jujitsu and  or obtain the rank of black belt in BJJ

  • Jeff Speakman Ed Parker Kempo, Kempo 5.0 & BJJ 
  • Dave Kovar.   Kempo & BJJ 
  • Marcelo Siqurea Wado Ryu Karate, BJJ 
  • George Saint Pierre Kyokoshin Kia & BJJ 
  • Lyoto Machida Shotokan & BJJ 
  • William Tzizik   Kosho Shori Ryu Kempo, Pankration, NCK Kenpo, BJJ 
  • Chuck Norris Tang Soo Do & BJJ 

Find a school that will let you cross train without demeaning your base art, or even better find a school that does all levels