Seminar based Learning in the Martial Arts 

In Kosho RYU Kempo -Jiu Jitsu  seminar learning is an important way to facilitate growth for both students and teachers either by leaving your home Dojo (school) and traveling to train elsewhere  or by bringing in an outside teacher & students from other Dojo this gives you cross pollination of ideas, concepts & principal’s. In Kosho there are a variety of instructors that travel internationally and through MACS – Martial Arts Collective Society (  & The gathering (, we are also exposed to other style’s which help accelerate our personal growth in the martial arts. As a student of Kosho you are expected to be a constant learner. No student of Kosho should ever be allowed to cling to or create an absolute out of a movement or technique. Ego is not allowed in a Kosho RYU Dojo

Many times hearing the same concept or principles at a seminar, that your sensei has been teaching you from a slightly different perspective can cause you to have a breakthrough. All any Sensei should want for their students is growth even if it’s a different sensei that facilitates that growth. You also get to see and meet new people and connect with old friends. Seminars foster an environment of learning collaboration & friendship. Old School Karate Academy has a list of monthly seminars you can attend either at the dojo, around New England  Nationally & internationally. All OSKA students get credit towards their next rank for all martial arts seminars attended.

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