Pressure Testing and Ferocity of Training

At OSKA all Techniques concepts and principles get pressure tested so the student has confidence in their abilities. If a karate student just does techniques in the air and does not drill them with a live student ever much is lost. Each technique can be learn air guitar style at 1st but then it must be practiced with a live opponent / training partner also when drilling a technique with the training partner (Uke in Japanese) you must vary your training partners to make sure you really can do the technique. Also while it is ok to learn just the right side to start till you learn the technique you must always drill left and right to remain balanced in training.

If someone tell you are techniques are too deadly to train with a real person that is a sign of MC dojo stay away. While of Course you can’t poke someone in the eye ECT to prove it works you could wear special head gear or whatever all techniques need to be pressure tested

The time to find out you can’t make a technique work is never in a fight when you been doing air guitar karate for years & think your invincible!