Most important moves for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue belts 

As a Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’ve already gained some fundamental skills and are progressing towards a more advanced level. Here are some important moves to focus on as a Blue belt:

  1. Guard Retention: As a Blue belt, mastering guard retention is crucial. Focus on techniques that help you maintain and recover your guard, such as hip escapes, framing, and using your legs to create distance.
  2. Escapes: Continue to refine your escape skills, including escapes from mount, side control, and back control. Develop a solid understanding of the technical escapes and practice them regularly to improve your ability to escape unfavorable positions.
  3. Sweeps: Work on a variety of sweeps from different guard positions, such as scissor sweep, flower sweep, and butterfly sweep. Sweeps are essential for transitioning from the bottom to the top position and gaining an advantage over your opponent.
  4. Submissions: Refine your submission skills and expand your arsenal. As a Blue belt, you should be proficient in basic submissions like armlocks, chokes, and joint locks. Start learning more advanced submissions like triangle choke, kimura, and guillotine.
  5. Guard Passing: Improve your guard passing techniques, both standing and on the ground. Focus on maintaining good posture, applying pressure, and passing the guard while avoiding common pitfalls and submissions.
  6. Sparring: Continue to gain experience through regular sparring sessions. Spar with a variety of partners to expose yourself to different styles and techniques. Pay attention to your weaknesses and work on improving them during sparring.
  7. Defense: Continue to develop your defensive skills, including protecting yourself from submissions, avoiding being swept, and preventing your opponent from advancing their position. A solid defense is crucial in BJJ to avoid getting caught in submissions or losing points.
  8. Positional Awareness: Understand and develop a sense of positional awareness. Know when to attack, when to defend, and when to transition from one position to another. This will help you flow seamlessly during grappling exchanges.
  9. Competition Mindset: Start competing if you haven’t already. Competition helps you test your skills, build confidence, and develop a competitive mindset. Learn from your experiences and use competition as a tool for improvement.
  10. Strength and Conditioning: Focus on improving your overall physical fitness, including strength, flexibility, and cardio. Being physically fit will enhance your BJJ performance and help prevent injuries.

Remember that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a journey, and progress takes time and consistent practice. Focus on mastering the fundamentals and expanding your skill set as you continue to train and gain experience on the mats. Always prioritize safety, proper technique, and a humble mindset as you progress as a Blue belt and beyond.

Don’t forget Sensei Bill’s Golden rules of Brazilian jiu jitsu

Rule #1 Be the person on top

Rule # 2  when on top stay on top 

Rule # 3  When on bottom have an un-passable guard  

Rule #4 Never forget Rule #1  easily forgotten due to the alluring, rewarding and lazy nature of guard