Knowing how to fall might sound simple but it could save your life.

Stories like this one where someone hits their head on a curb or asphalt and dies are all two common.

According to the CDC “About 166 Americans died from TBI-related injury each day in 2019.

There were more than 223,000TBI-related hospitalizations in 2018

In 2019, about 15% of all U.S. high-school students self-reported one or more sports or recreation-related concussions within the preceding 12 months.”

Being trained on how to fall and land should be 2nd nature to any as when your in a panic situation you rely on your training that you have drilled over and over. this is why at Old School Karate one of the 1st things we teach a student is break falls and how to turtle their head, even though our dojo (school) floor is well paddled the students are drilled that their head never touches the floor when they fall or for the most part when their on the ground. Most people think karate is chopping and fancy kicks when in fact true karate should teach situational awareness, stand up fighting, throwing, falling and ground fighting. At OSKA not only so we drill falling on a regular basis, we drill getting up while protecting our face also so in a fight a student doesn’t get there face smashes trying go get up after surviving being thrown.

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