In Martial arts training it’s all about time 

 If you attended college one class a week for four years you would not get a bachelors degree you need to take five classes per semester for four years and pass them all. The same general concept applies to martial arts training. Many times I’ll have students ask me why is the other student getting promoted and I am not. The students generally come once or twice a week or sometimes even miss a week and they’re trying to compare them self to students that come 3 to 6 times a week. The more time you put into anything the better you get in martial arts your biggest opponent is in the mirror and that is who you are measured against. Your progress against yourself not against an opponent as well as your progression of understanding of the syllabus there a different ages sizes and shapes so not everybody with a higher belt can beat everybody with a lower belt but at any time on your journey you should always be improving from where you were yesterday.