In Kosho Shorei Ryu, we draw wisdom from The Art of War with these principles:

1. Insight into the Opponent: In order to prevail, one must intimately grasp their adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and strategies.

2. Meticulous Strategy: Prior to any engagement, meticulous planning is imperative, encompassing clear objectives and well-thought-out strategies.

3. Adaptive Approach: Flexibility is key, as situations often deviate from the plan. One must be ready to adjust tactics as circumstances demand.

4. The Art of Deception: Employing deception shrewdly can bewilder and confound the opponent, enhancing one’s position.

5. Embrace Surprise: Surprising your opponent, catching them off-guard, can provide a significant edge, creating opportunities for success.

6. Swift Mobility: Agility and speed are invaluable for outmaneuvering the adversary, positioning yourself advantageously.

7. Disciplined Mastery: Discipline is fundamental, ensuring that practitioners are well-prepared, skilled, and resolute in executing their strategies effectively.

These teachings extend beyond warfare, finding relevance in various aspects of life, be it in business, sports, or personal relationships. By embracing and applying these principles, individuals can enhance their prospects of success in any endeavor.

Written By Shihan William Tzizik