How to deal with adrenaline in a self defense situation

When you are in a life or death situation, such as getting physically attacked, your adrenaline starts pumping through your viens, it’s is a  flight or fight response. 

This response has many great qualities that will help keep you alive including increase your strength, power, speed, and you don’t feel pain at that moment . 

One of the things that it does that’s not so great is it affects your fine motor skills in not in a good  way, in fact during an adrenaline dump, most people don’t even have fine motor skills. That is one reason when you are in a situation where you could be attacked, you should be ready,   because once you’re attacked, a simple thing like reaching into your pocket, or your handbag, or unziping  your sweat shirt  to access your weapon, will become just about impossible. 

Think about these things, it could save your life.  When you feel the adrenaline use big compound movement to defend yourself or you might find things you thought you could so easily become a problem to do