Holiday Party  Dec 19th Dojo Holiday Party 6:30PM(Yankee Swap everyone brings a generic gift under $10)

Unwrapping Joy: A Martial Arts Holiday Tradition – The Yankee Swap for Kids at Our Dojo

The holiday season is a time for spreading cheer, building camaraderie, and creating lasting memories.@ Old School Karate Academy & Brazilian Martial arts Center, we believe in fostering a sense of community and celebrating the festive spirit among our martial arts family. This year, we’re introducing a unique twist to our holiday party with a Yankee Swap exclusively for the little warriors in our dojo.

The Martial Arts Yankee Swap:

A Yankee Swap, also known as a White Elephant or Dirty Santa, is a gift exchange game that adds an element of surprise and fun to any holiday gathering. Our version is designed specifically for children, creating an exciting and inclusive experience for the youngest members of our martial arts community.

Rules and Guidelines:

1. **$10 Gift Limit:**

   To ensure fairness and inclusivity, we’ve set a $10 limit on gifts. This encourages creativity and thoughtfulness while keeping the playing field level for all participants.

2. **Swap is for Children Only:**

   The spotlight is on our young martial artists! The gift exchange is exclusively for kids, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of choosing, swapping, and unwrapping presents with their fellow classmates.

3. **Random Gift Assignments:**

   Prior to the event, each participating child draws a number from a hat. The numbers determine the order in which they’ll select and unwrap their gifts. This random assignment adds an element of suspense and ensures everyone has an equal chance to pick their preferred presents.

4. ** Swapping:**

   The essence of the Yankee Swap lies in the ability to swap a previously chosen gift or select a new one from the pile. We’ve simplified the process to make it child-friendly: each participant, in their designated order, you go up, pick a gift and unwrap it.  You can then choose to keep that gift or trade with one of the other unwrapped gifts, adding an element of strategy and excitement.

5. **The Unwrapping Spectacle:**

   Witnessing the joy on the children’s faces as they unwrap their gifts is what makes this event truly special. The surprise element, coupled with the anticipation of potential swaps, adds an extra layer of fun to the holiday celebration.


At Old School Karate Academy & Brazilian Martial arts Center, we believe that creating memorable experiences for our martial arts family goes beyond the physical training in the dojo. The Martial Arts Yankee Swap for Kids is a fantastic way to instill the values of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and the joy of giving within our young martial artists. This holiday season, we look forward to unwrapping joy and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

There will be beverages served we ask each family brings one dessert