For 2022 I wish every parent would give their child the gift of consistency

Imagine if you went to kindergarten for 1 or 2 months and then totally quit school, you wouldn’t read, write or do math very well that’s just about the same when you take 1 to 3 months of karate lessons

We live in an Amazon, fast food world where our attention is more fragmented now than ever before. Bumping aimlessly around from one random thing to another is a bad thing in life a parents it’s our responsibility to teach our children .

When the going gets tough the tough get going! Keep on keeping on !

As well as the enormous value of sticking with things though the tough times. Martial arts is suppose to be challenge as struggle creates growth if you let your child quit when the newness wears off and they have a tough day then they will miss out on one of life’s most valuable lessons consistency.

As a parents it’s our responsibility to encourage our children though the rough patches with whatever they do and keep them progressing in a positive direction. I started marital arts at the age of 7 and I tried to quit a few times, every time my dad was there to encourage me and push me to new heights he would not let me quit no matter what I said and in doing so I learned so many valuable life skills that far exceed punching, kicking and self defense. It’s my observation that students that I have who stick out karate for the long term our a reflection of how their parents handle support and encourage them.

If you teach your child to keep chasing the next shinny object and not stick things out & be consistent you have done them a great disservice!