Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette or (Rules of the School) were established in order to maintain a friendly and orderly environment conducive to learning. We ask all students and parents to abide by the following rules. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
  • Always respect your parents and authority.
  • Students must always show respect to their peers and instructors which is a sign of
    courtesy. Please treat everyone with courtesy.
  • A bow of respect will be performed before entering and leaving Dojo or mat area.
    Greet instructors and fellow students with a bow.
  • Once an instructor has officially started class, all other activities should cease and full participation should be given. Training on the side or extraneous talking is distracting and disrespectful.
  • All students must follow the basic rules of hygiene. Bathe regularly, cut fingernails and toe-nails and wash your practice clothing as needed.
    *Foul body odor or dirty gi’s (uniform) will not be tolerated — it is disrespectful to the instructor and other students. Anyone found to be in violation of basic hygiene will not be permitted to train in the class.
  • Students must wear a clean uniform in good repair at all times. Absolutely no street clothes are allowed on the mat*, unless it is your first trial class. Students not in proper attire will not be allowed to train in the class.
  • No hats, shoes or jewelry is allowed on the mat area.
  • All students share the responsibility of keeping the Dojo safe and clean.
  • Students must remain quiet and attentive in the Dojo and not engage in idle chatter during class. Remember in the Dojo, Martial Arts is your only concern.
  • No fighting or sparring will take place except under the direction of a black belt instructor.
  • Weapons are to be used only under the supervision of a black belt instructor. After using any piece of equipment, put it back in it’s rightful place.
  • The word Osu is a sign of respect used in many situations such as :
    • When bowing as you enter or leave the Dojo or mat area.
    • Upon receiving any advice/command from Instructors.
    • As a greeting or in any appropriate situation.
  • Tuition is due at the beginning of the month.
  • Upon entering the Dojo students must sign the attendance portal on the tablet 
  • Parents are free to watch lessons but are requested not to speak to or
    distract the students during class.
    Martial Arts should only be used to protect yourself and others.
While these rules may seem formal, they help to instill a sense of respect and discipline necessary in a sport or art which may, if taken lightly, can be dangerous.

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