Dojo Dress Code

The dress code for the dojo requires all students to wear a school uniform, which consists of a school Gi top, Gi pants, and a school T-shirt or school rash guard, along with their rank belt. Wearing a complete uniform is mandatory for all classes.

Students are not allowed to wear colored T-shirts or T-shirts with other logos. The uniform should be kept clean at all times. If a student's uniform needs to be replaced, they can purchase a new uniform from the dojo, which should have the school logo and be the only uniform allowed in the dojo.

During the warmer months of June, July, and August, students are allowed to wear a school T-shirt or school rash guard with Gi pants or school fight shorts instead of the full uniform to all Karate classes. However, for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, the full uniform with Gi top, Gi pants, school T-shirt or school rash guard, and rank belt is always required. Failure to comply with the dress code may result in students not being allowed to participate in training or promotions.

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